Want to see what some of the clients think of Christy?

Christy has been one of the most professional people I’ve worked with in all my years of publishing. She is responsive, self-directed, communicates well and gives far more than expected. My website redesign was exactly what I wanted, and her ongoing support for my site has been well above par. I refer many authors to her and cannot recommend her enough.
Christy rushed in to save me when I desperately needed help and my website guy was nowhere to be found—and she didn’t know me at all! She is friendly and knowledgeable and—important to me because I know just enough about WordPress to get myself in trouble;)—is willing to explain anything I need to know so that I can do some things myself, and doing so without making me feel like an idiot, as the former guy had. I trust her and appreciate her integrity so much—instead of talking me into a whole new and expensive website when I’d just paid for one not that long ago, she actually told me she liked much of what I already had and how she could best  work with it. She will also be frank about what she’s good at and what she’s not, as well as keeping me posted on her progress and when I can expect the results. That sort of honesty and reliability means everything.

I’m super-happy I found her, and you will be, too!

Christy has been a lifesaver for me! I will be the first to admit that I’m not tech savvy whatsoever.
I had purchased a domain name, and my son had set up the framework for my author
web page nearly a year ago. And there it remained. Unfinished and lifeless. Then one day I knew
I couldn’t delay having an active website any longer. A friend recommended Christy to me and I
reached out to her on Facebook. She responded quickly, assessed the status of my current
website, and made recommendations that both served to save me time and money, but were
also improvements to the overall functionality of my web page.

She got my website developed and functioning quicker than what I thought possible. She
made it both visitor and user friendly which is paramount to me. What really impresses me
about Christy is that she is thorough in her research and sensitive to the particular needs of
her clients – in my case, the fact that I was clueless as to what I really needed for the purpose
of my website. She designed it with readers of my books in mind, She knew exactly what
they would want to see once there. She goes the extra mile, even setting up a monthly newsletter for me!

Her rates are affordable, her work is flawless. I highly recommend Christy Wilson for whatever web design needs you may have!

Christy is simply the best to work with. She is experienced and will help you every step of the way. She is kind, patient and is beyond helpful when you do not understand something. Our website is fantastic thanks to her! I highly recommend Christy for all your website needs!
Let’s be honest here for a second. When you’re starting out as an author, the financials you have are solely based on personal funds. This pushes us to try and save money in any way possible. We learn to make websites, do our own promoting, some even edit themselves etc… But see, this is where you realize something. Every single one of these actions is a job in itself and should be left to professionals. Christy Wilson is one such pro. Her skills baffle me, the speed at which she works is a breath of fresh air and her advice is invaluable. Sure, we all have to save money but believe me, when you have someone like Christy creating the window to your work, you’ll be glad to have left this activity to an expert.
Eva LeNoir, Author